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Metal Tilt Roof Mounting System

Metal Tilt Mounting System is designed with great flexibility for both commercial and residential roof solar system. Patented and innovative rail design, standard components, highly pre-assembled clamps, all the above make the installation simple. save your time and your installation cost.

  • Material: aluminum alloy 6063-T5

  • Surface treatment: anodic oxidation

  • Wind load: 40m/s

  • Snow load: 1.4KN/m2

  • Tensile force: ≥1500N

  • Application scope: Metal tilt roof

  • Packaging: neutral carton, non-woven, kraft paper, etc.


Installation place: Metal tilt roof
Accessories: According to the practical demand
Drawing force:1000N
Wind load:40m/s、32.5kg/m2、13 level
Snow load:1.4KN/m2
Bracket type: Frame
Material: Aluminum, stainless steel
Color: Natural
Service life: 25 years.
Warranty: 10 years

Metal tilt roof PV bracket product features:

  • Easy to install, saving labor cost and installation time to a large extent

  • Guide rails do not need to be cut at the construction site

  • All PV bracket accessories are pre-assembled before leaving the factory

  • High durability and stability

  • Design concept with design life standard of 25 years and 10 years quality warranty

  • The main body of the bracket is made of aluminum alloy 6063 grade and anodized film thickness of 10um as standard.

  • All fasteners are 304 stainless steel.

Force analysis standard:
Designed by experienced engineers according to several national standards such as China standard, European standard, Australian standard and American standard.
The main fittings are mechanically tested to ensure their structural load-bearing capacity.

Wide range of application:
All kinds of residential pitched tile roofs.

Detail Installation

System Accessories


Rail Connector

L Foot

End Clamp

Mid Clamp

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